Summer HERO Challenge Launches June 15th, 2021!
So far, Oral Health Action Heroes have saved the day from tooth decay by defeating the Evil DK, and BIO-FILM with his gang of bacteria. 
Get a sneak peek at our latest villain, Ginger Vitis, and the challenge packet. This June kids can win a Nintendo® Switch and other great prizes while learning about the importance of flossing! By simply completing three oral health challenges, kids will learn why their gums are just as important as their teeth and how to take care of them throughout their lifetime.
Do you know kids who should join the fight and learn how to take care of their gums? Sign up to receive the official launch announcement to share details about how to participate. Sponsored by DentaQuest.

All summer long America’s ToothFairy will be stressing the importance of gum health and how flossing prevents tooth loss and helps keep the rest of the body healthy. Download these free resources to share the importance of flossing with families in your community this summer.

The Importance of Flossing Handout

Teaching Kids Healthy Habits

Flossing Rewards Chart

Marshmallow Mouth Craft Instructions

Find more Resources here!